Cost for a Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Cost for a Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Ballpark estimate: $1,000 to $25,000

If your vision for your wedding includes you floating down the aisle in an exquisite Vera Wang bridal gown, you’re certainly in good company. Many women dream of wearing a Vera Wang wedding gown when they say, “I Do.”

The Allure of a Vera Wang Wedding Dress

When your countertops are scattered with issues of Martha Stuart Weddings and Bride Magazine and you’re addicted to “Say Yes to the Dress” episodes, watching them again and again, you probably have a strong idea of the silhouette you want to wear on your wedding day. If your desire is for an elegant gown that mixes a traditional feel with a modern touch, Vera Wang may well be the designer for you.

A Bridal Designer is Born

Vera Wang is a former editor of Vogue magazine who left this prestigious position to work for Ralph Lauren before launching her career into the bridal industry. Her foray into bridal actually began when she was planning her own wedding. Nothing offered in the bridal salons quite met her specifications, so she decided to design her own bridal gown. Her design was very well-received and soon after, she decided to open her own exclusive bridal boutique in the Carlyle Hotel in New York City to sell her bridal designs. Before long, she had gained a following among celebrities and her dresses became highly coveted. This trend continues today, with many socialites, models, actresses, and musicians splurging on custom Vera Wang gowns for their big day. But Vera Wang designs aren’t limited to the rich and the famous. Many “regular” women can also buy a moderately-price Vera Wang gown if they can fit it into their budget. For those who can’t swing the expense even for the more moderately priced options, Vera Wang also recently launched a special, more affordable line through David Bridal to make her styles available to a broader audience.

Exquisite Details

What truly distinguishes a Vera Wang gown from less pricey options are the details. The fabrics, drape, beading, and finishing work can make a Vera Wang wedding dress stand out from less expensive options. These details also impact the price, as well. The more hand-work involved and the finer the materials, the more you can expect to pay.

Whether you prefer your wedding grown to be white, champagne, or blush, and whether you want it in lace, silk, satin, or tulle, or a combination of all of the above, you can find a Vera Wang gown that fits your specific taste. Vera Wang gowns can also have a romantic feel, or can feature very clean and sleek lines that make them feel fresh and modern, while maintaining an elegant and timeless effect. While some have a princess vibe with layers and layers of tulle, others are slim columns designed to spotlight the wearer’s own curves. Many also have a dramatic flair that is sure to wow your guests.

New Vera Wang styles are released twice a year, so brides always have new and fresh looks from which to select.

Where to Find

You can buy a Vera Wang bridal grown at one of the exclusive Vera Wang boutiques in select big cities. (Check the Vera Wang website to find the store closest to you.) Just be sure to set an appointment before you go. You can also buy Vera Wang’s better designs at high-end bridal salons across the country, while the more affordable White line is available at David’s Bridal salons.

Cost of a Vera Wang Bridal Gown

Vera Wang gowns have a reputation for being a real investment, but how much you’ll have to spend really depends which line you want.

There’s the Vera Wang Bridal Collection, which includes an array of lovely dresses designed for the model bride who wants to show her distinctive style and taste. These are made from high-end fabrics. The price for gowns in the Collection category start at $2,900 and go on up, according to the Vera Wang website. They can reach two or three times this amount or even more, depending on what you select. For the bride with a more generous budget who is looking for more customization, the

Vera Wang Luxe Collection may be appealing. Gowns in this category start at $6,900 and can be customized to meet the bride’s unique taste and preferences, and they can go up to as much as $25,000 for a custom-made Vera Wang gown.

With such a wide range for prices, it may help to know that many Vera Wang brides spend in the $10,000 to $15,000 span.

Of course many popular celebrities opt to get married in over-the-top custom Vera Wang gowns and there are often at the top of the price scale. (For instance, singer Mariah Carey is reputed to have splurged on a $25,000 Vera Wang custom gown.)

A More Affordable Option

Another, more affordable, option is the Vera Wang White Collection, which is a more affordable line of gowns now offered through David’s Bridal to bring Vera Wang style to the bride on a budget. Dresses in this line start at under $1,000 and go on up to about $1,800. Further, some of the styles in this line do get marked down to about half price, so you may end up scoring a bargain if you try hard enough.

Regardless of what you spend, you’ll need to budget for alterations to customize the dress to fit your shape perfectly will also increase cost. Many brides require several fittings leading up to the wedding so the dress can be tweaked as needed to achieve the desired results.

Second Time Around

If you just can’t swing the expense of a custom Vera Wang gown but you want that quality and don’t want to settle for a style from her lower-end line, there is one other option. You could look for a pre-owned Vera Wang gown through a resale bridal shop or online. Pre-owned Vera Wang bridal dresses usually sell for about 50 percent of the retail price of the item new.

Cost to Try?

Vera Wang gowns are so in demand that some buyers are even willing to pay just to try on some of her elegant designs. In fact, a new Vera Wang boutique opened a few years ago in Shanghai, China, was charging perspective customers close to $500 American dollars just to try on these exquisite gowns. While the practice of charging has since been discontinued, it does go to show that people are willing to go to great lengths for the thrill of wearing a Vera Wang creation.

Other Vera Wang Items

In addition to bridal gowns, you can find a number of other items carrying the Vera Wang name, including wedding stationary, eyeglasses, fragrance, floral faux floral center pieces and much more.