What it Costs for Wedding Invitations

Costs for Wedding Invitations

Ballpark estimate: $100 to $2,000+ for 100 sets

Wonder what to budget for your wedding invitations? The options span a wide range and what you can expect to spend really all depends on your vision and your preferences.

Some of the variables including how many people you plan to invite, what your taste is, and how formal you want your invitations to be.

A Wide Range of Options

The reality is that today, you can find wedding invitations at all price points—from more economical DIY creations and print-at-home templates on up to engraved pieces with elaborate detailing. Some of the key differences include the quality of the paper, the print process used, the embellishment included, and how many printed pieces that you want your invitation set to include. Read on more for some insight into these types of elements and how they impact cost.

Wedding Invitation Sets

When you invite guests to join you for your wedding, there are multiple printed elements you will need. For instance, most couples will typically need a wedding ceremony invitation, a reception card (although some couples include the ceremony and reception information on one card, which will save you money), a response card, and inner and outer envelopes, as well as return envelopes. These pieces will generally be included in the price for wedding invitation suites or sets, but you should double check since anything you add will increase what you spend.

In addition, many couples also print save-the-date cards, menu cards, place cards, ceremony programs, and thank you notes. You may want these elements to match in style, color, and font, so it can help to have them all printed at the same time.

Custom-Designed Invitations

If you are having a very elegant wedding and you can splurge on your invites, you may want to consider getting them custom designed. The possibilities are endless when you hire a designer or artist to create something that captures your vision and your event mood. You might want to have a high-end, elegant design, a hand-drawn creation, calligraphy writing, or a meaningful theme or photograph incorporated. Or all of the above. When you go the custom route, you are only limited by your imagination and your budget.

You can find wedding invitation designers online or if you have a wedding planner, you can ask him or her to recommend a good designer in your area. You can also look for wedding invitation designers at bridal expos and through bridal vendor directories.

High-End Invitations

If you don’t need anything custom designed for your wedding invitations but still want a very high-end, sophisticated feel for your printed products, you might consider ordering high-quality invitations from a stationary store or boutique like Papyrus, or through an elegant online invitation shop liked Minted. Most shops and boutiques will have a book filled with invitation samples so you can see the different styles from which to select. (Minted even lets you combine your favorite elements from two different designs to get original results.) Or, you can browse online catalogues to explore the options. In addition, you can get custom-style pre-made designs on websites like Etsy.com that make it simple for you to have them personalized with your own details.

Discount Invitations

You can also find discount invitations through online invitation sellers. A number of websites exist that make it easy to order your own invitations online by filling in your event information and selecting the colors, fonts, and materials you desire right from the convenience of your own computer. This can help you get a good deal while still finding something that meets your wedding invitation preferences. Some types of discount invitation sites to explore include ExclusivelyWeddings.com, Invitation Warehouse, and TrulyCustomInvitations.

DIY Invitations

Another option is to buy DIY wedding invitation kits that provide the templates that you can print at home. You select exactly what details you want to include in your wedding invitation suite, and also personalize it with extras. In some cases, if you pick high-end designs and special touches, including envelopments, pocket folders, customized bands, and ribbons, they can end up costing more than some of the simple options that you can order in a stationary store, but the results can be worth the extra investment. For the most basic kits you print yourself, you can look to Michaels, Staples, and Etsy, among other places.

Cost for Wedding Invitations

The cost for 100 wedding invitations starts at about $100 for a basic DIY invitation suite. While this will fit most couple’s budget, keep in mind that what you are saving in money doing it yourself you will be making up for in your time to print the invitations and compile them. You will need to have a good printer, plenty of ink, and some patience to get these right. Some suites come with one practice set so you can work on perfecting the spacing before you begin. If you have an ink jet printer, it’s also important to know that the ink will smudge if it gets wet. If you want extra pieces, you can expect to spend another $100 or so on 100 DIY programs, while 100 DIY thank you notes can run you another $40 or more. The cost can be higher if you add custom details like monogram stamps, seals, ribbons, and more.

Wedding invitations from a discount website can be found for between $1 for each invitation suite on up to $4 and up, which comes out to $100 to $400-plus for 100 sets. (Expect to spend about $100 more for 100 of EACH wedding programs, thank you notes, and place cards.)

High-end invitations at stationary stores might charge you about $7 an invitation suite, or $700 for 100 sets. (Each addition printed pieces like thank you notes and programs might run you $200 for 100 of each.)

If you prefer a custom option from a designer, you might spend between $10 and $20 a set or more, or $1,000 to $2,000+ for 100. (Additional custom printed pieces can be $300 to $500 or more per sets of 100.) Of course some couples even spend much more.

Print Processes

When exploring invitation pricing, it’s worth noting that the printing process used can have a big impact on what you can expect to pay. For budget invitations, digital printing is the least expensive option. This is what you’ll likely get when you select cards from most modestly priced or bargain website companies. For more high-end choices, you can opt to go with offset printing. This is more expensive because it requires a printing press unlike digital printing. In return for the extra cost, you can get more precise color shades for the exact effect you want. You can also print invitations using a technique called thermography, which involves adding powder to the ink to get a raised effect.

For custom invitations, another choice is opting for letterpress. This requires custom presses to be created for each design element and each color you desire. This can be time intensive so the cost can add up fast. The most extravagant form of printing is engraving. This means basically embossing your invitation with your wedding information. This is quite time-intensive, which means it will likely be at the very top of the price range scale.

Postage Matters

When ordering invitations, some experts recommend taking the pieces (or requesting samples if they have not yet been printed) and bringing them to the post office to have them weighed so you can calculate what you will spend on stamps to send your invitation suite, as well as to provide postage for the reply envelope, too. (Keep in mind that certain sizes and dimensions require additional postage.) It’s always wise to check with your local postmaster before you get too far into the invitation process.